Pretty clever.

A garden wall produces solar electricity.

That’s when you made a quick decision. Because a black area in the landscape pleases neither the building authority nor the neighbors.

Printing and assembly is done by certified professionals from our local partners. The earlier they plan design into their solar project, the easier it will be to execute. You can design any solar panel to either be virtually invisible or to enhance and beautify an area.

Your facade as an electricity producer

According to a study by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, there is an energy potential of 17 terawatt hours in the facades of the 9.6 million buildings that exist in Switzerland.

Especially in spring and autumn, solar facades have great potential. The solar façade can reach its full potential at the lower position of the sun. In winter, electricity production on the roof is often less than on well-aligned facades.

However, because of their appearance, they are not necessarily popular with many architects and builders. With PVP-foil you can design any solar panel so that it either becomes practically invisible or beautifies an area. Advertising, logos, products or the structure of the existing facade: you have the idea, we implement it professionally.



PV facade constructions

Aluminum or stainless steel substructures are often used for the integration of photovoltaics into facades. These are mounted in a grid adapted to the module size and connected to the supporting structure. In ventilated facades, the metal rails compensate for unevenness and allow space for thermal insulation and horizontal cabling. Frameless modules are visibly held in place by point fixings, while framed modules are hung in a pre-assembled profile system. Frameless modules are popular because the frame protects the edges, but it can interfere with rainwater runoff and stain the modules.

In a new building, a PV façade can be planned from the very beginning. The facade surfaces should be well exposed to sunlight from the east, south or west. Shade castors such as balconies or building setbacks can be planned or reduced and undisturbed optimally aligned facade surfaces can be deliberately integrated. With PVC-foil, aesthetic reservations can also be creatively eliminated.

PV facades in renovations?

If a ventilated facade is already in place, the PV option should be considered.

Instead of a weathered metal façade, crumbling Eternit or even a curtain wall of wood, solar panels can provide lasting protection and a completely new look. The future will bring facades that you walk past without realizing that a small solar power plant is at work here.

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